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Leadership that Empowers

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Most people think of leadership in a school in terms of power and prestige. However, leadership is so much more than a title; it is about exhibiting passion and purpose, manifesting inspiration and experiencing the enthusiasm to act and effectuate change in society. Such abundance stems from one’s inner spirit and soul and is uncovered when you truly discover your self-worth and endless potential.

Quality leadership evolves with each challenge and experience; it is grounded within the core of our reality and the lives we lead. Our thoughts, words and actions greatly impact others and generate our truth. Leadership is far from an easy process. But, the truth is that I have personally applied the core principles of humility, faith, gratitude, and being present in each and every moment (Yes, good, bad or indifferent). With these life lessons, I have discovered a sense of fulfillment, purpose and tranquility in my life. So I thought, why not convey them to others experiencing a similar journey! Read more...

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