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Philanthropic Efforts

The desire to aid and proactively engage in philanthropic causes and efforts to help humankind is a core element of Dr. Jack’s servant leadership practice and lifestyle. She exudes a love and passion to serve the collective members of humanity through universal contributions including participating and developing campaigns focused on charitable donations, voluntary efforts, listening to the needs of others, and sharing of resources. Opportunities to help others are in abundance. Philanthropy can be exhibited in a multitude of facets including acts of kindness, engagement in causes that resonate with your spirit, fundraisers, lending a listening ear, providing guidance  and spreading joy by demonstrating a sense of authenticity as members of humanity build relationships with one another.

In an active effort to promote human welfare Dr. Jack has developed the following philanthropic efforts to aid in both education reform and relief efforts.

International Relief

From time to time, natural disasters occur throughout the world that devastate and impact countries across the globe. Members of humanity have an ethical responsibility to help those in need. Supporting our brothers and sisters requires a sense of compassion and empathy towards the rebuilding process. Every charitable act, no matter how big or small, is a step towards rebuilding a better tomorrow. 

At the present time we are currently collecting donations for St. Vincent and the Grenadines due to the recent volcanic eruptions that have been occurring on the island.

Donations Needed: Clothing, Hygiene Items, First Aid Emergency Kits, Water, Blankets



As members of humanity it is easy to become overwhelmed with the demands of both our personal and professional life. Both adults and students alike, require ongoing guidance and support. Mentoring provides an avenue to inspire, guide and uplift others through collaborative conversations, shared experiences and building positive relationships with others.

Students in Need: In order for students to thrive in school academically and socially, their basic needs must first be met. More often than not caregivers struggle to make ends meet and the recent health epidemic has positioned families in a dire financial outlook. Rebuilding what was lost takes time. You can support this cause by sponsoring a student in need and donating items so they can experience a successful school year!

Donations: Art Supplies, Bookbags, Music Instruments, Notebooks, Pencils/Pens


This humanitarian effort is the perfect opportunity for prospective educators and leaders to engage in on site learning and gain knowledge and experience while assisting educators and students in the learning process. The community within schools can benefit from your experience, talent and time.

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