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Dr. Jack specializes in a wide variety of educational, leadership and mentoring services. From the planning phases of designing schools, or the art of transforming leaders to the dynamics of curriculum writing and organizational efficiency, Dr. Jack’s experience and expertise in education has afforded her the remarkable opportunity to proactively reconstruct education with a sense of ingenuity. She understands that the needs of each individual, district or school are unique and intentionally listens to clients to identify their areas of growth, articulate a vision, outline a cohesive plan of action, and implement and assess strategic solutions to challenging issues. Her visionary mindset coupled with her innovative knowledge and skill set empowers, inspires and compels others to to take action. 

Below is only a sampling of services that Dr. Jack has to offer. For more specific needs, please schedule a free 15 minute consultation here.

Conversations with Nadira

Authentic Conversations

Collaborative conversations as thought partners grounded in trust and mutual respect.

Purposeful Planning & Goal Setting

Planning towards a unified goal and establishing a continuum of expected outcomes.

Impactful Solutions

Designing strategic solutions that foster an environment of reflective discourse, account for the needs of all stakeholders and generate a sense of sustainability.

Implementation Phase

Observing and collecting data to celebrate and recognize success and reveal targeted areas for growth and progress.

Transformational Conversations

Reflective discourse that ignites thinking and analyzing one's thought process to refine goals, fuel passion and articulate next steps.

Empowering Outcomes

Inspiring outcomes that create a sense of self efficacy, fosters excitement leading to a change of practices in both thought and action. 

Each of the above available for the following duration:

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