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Reconstructing Education

The Expert Adviser

Dr. Nadira Jack is an author and thought leader leading dynamic change in reconstructing education globally and nationally through her visionary leadership skills and strong sense of transparency. 


She is the Chief Academic Officer/Superintendent of Jersey City Global Charter School in New Jersey which she co-founded and developed in 2013 and an Adjunct Professor at New Jersey City University & ACE University.  Under her guidance and tenure, JCGCS has expanded from a K-2 to a K-8 elementary school district, winning multiple awards for innovative practices and ranking academically high to its counterparts within the state of New Jersey. 


A former elementary and middle school teacher specializing in the area of literacy and social justice, Dr. Jack is an advocate of equity and academic excellence in schools.  Much of her research focuses on equalizing educational opportunities for members of the urban youth and she is well known for her authentic and genuine approach to leadership and instruction, connecting experiences with real life initiatives that deeply impact society. 


She has extensive experience leading successful programs of change, mentoring educators, developing leaders and conducting engaging seminars.


More recently she launched the Podcast, Reconstruct ED which provides profound conversations and dialogue on issues of educational equity, social justice and transformative practices to proactively reconstruct education.  This podcast features Dr. Jack alongside guest panelists and experts in education, including students, and provides a forum to examine past, present and future issues in education. 


Dr. Jack is also the founder of the non-profit organization, The Center for Illuminated Learning and the author of the book, The Pedagogy of Consciousness (2020). 


Dr. Jack's comprehensive list of capabilities and deep industry knowledge can help you solve the most complex issues of your organization. 

Initiatives & Causes


Helping to create a world that sustains education has been paramount to the growth and success of a global society. To this end, Dr. Jack has partnered with different organizations to enable children of the Caribbean to have access to educational resources and materials, including books, school supplies and music equipment in Guyana & St. Vincent & the Grenadines.


The mission of the Parent Academy Seminars is to support the overall achievement and well being of students by providing families with learning opportunities and resources that will enable them to become more involved in their child’s educational success. Program goals focus on heightened parental participation, educating parents on new standards and requirements and strengthening home and school connections.


The Women’s Empowerment Series is intended to inspire, motivate and propel women to be agents of change through building connections and relationships with each other.  Members meet every other month to share ideas, celebrate their success, explore solutions to ongoing challenges and support one another.

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Podcast Launch

On July 5, 2021, Dr. Nadira Jack launched Reconstruct Ed, a podcast aimed at disrupting the educational system by highlighting and celebrating  unconventional approaches.


Website Launch provides additional information about Dr. Jack, and her innovative approach to education 

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Workbook Available

The Pedagogy of Consciousness Workbook, Available August 2021, provides an opportunity to interract with Dr. Jack's ideas through exercises either individually or within the community of subscribers

Nadira Right Now


"The idea of envisioning education differently is not new, however as a leader Dr. Jack as taken it a step beyond by creating a platform to actualize the vision. Dr. Jack has an exciting and provocative approach for the future of education with a formula to energize and inspire those around her with kernels of diligence and thought. It is a  pleasure working with her."

—  Sam Howard, Administrator & Philanthropist


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